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One of the most useful Restaurant Management System

Ordering System

Staff taking order

Going paperless can make your order management more efficient. Manager/Owner is able to stop training the staff on writing orders.

Customer Scan QR code to order on their phone

It is an ordering method that reduces cost, manpower and line, but raises revenue.

Customer order on iPad

Self-order menu comes in Table and Kiosk Versions. It enhances consuming experience, increases order size and sell more.

Point of Sale

Flexible changes

Fulfill any needs and special requirements that happen in daily operation.e.g. void item, special order, change table etc.

Support discount and promotion activities

Attract customers through different types of marketing activities, and then analysis its result on sale performance.

EatCool PAY – Scan to pay with rewards

EatCool PAY is the easier, faster, and safer way to pay online without sharing financial details. Customers can earn points, get discount offer and even receive cash back by paying through EatCool PAY in the hospitality industries.


Takeaway management

Customer place orders and pre-orders with points through phone anytime, anywhere

Bring your restaurant closer to your customers in the online world. Accept payment online and orders received and confirmed will automatically print to the arranged printer. Customer database is collected through the media.

Accept orders in real- time

There is no delay on immediate order and pre-order. It allows better time management in the preparation process and customers receive their order on-time.

Customers track the orders in real-time

Restaurants make sure they’re doing exactly as the customers have asked.

Booking management

Create booking discount

Another promotion option to attract customers visit your restaurant during off-peak hour.

Booking reminder

Everyone life is busy and time is valuable, so EatCool create Booking reminder for customer and restaurants to reduce error.

Customer reserve table online with discount and points through phone anytime, anywhere

Bring your restaurant closer to your customers in the online world. Customer database is collected through the media.


Reporting & Data Analysis

Revenue statistics at a glance

Data support for strategic business development.

Detailed analysis, Minimise careless mistake

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses, and identifying both the opportunities open to the restaurant and the threats the restaurants face.

Make tax time less taxing

It assists your tax system and makes your tax lodge faster.

Staff management

Staff attendance record

It helps restaurants to meet the company's payroll criteria whilst contributing to satisfy the demands of local payroll regulations, thus ensuring your workers are fairly paid.

Staff performance analysis

Restaurants can expect to gain real insight into their employees and significantly improve their chances of increasing productivity in the workplace.

Payroll automation

Payroll automation provides faster and easier wage calculation with more accurate timekeeping.



List of some features included in EatCool.


With the help of wireless printing and mobile technology, service is no longer stuck behind the counter. Take, send and print orders straight from the table with your own mobile device. Reduce labour costs and increase sales, all while exceeding your customer's expectations.


Our fast and reliable cloud network lets you to stay connected to your business at all times from anywhere in the world. Finally a system the literally allows you to be in five places at once.


Let your customers view menus, order and pay straight away from their mobile devices. Promote loyalty by tracking customer behavior and sending personalized marketing messages and rewards, encouraging customers to re-order and spend more.


Drive bookings with elegant enquiry and reservation management. Promote loyalty by tracking customer behavior and sending personalized marketing messages and rewards, encouraging customers to re-book, bring friends and spend more.


Get to know your fans with a completely unique customer relations management system. Find out who is frequenting your business, when they are coming and what they are ordering. To give the people what they want you must first know what they want.


Get a comprehensive look at sales, staff performance, stock, costs and much more in real-time, from anywhere. Optimise business and management process and even provide great ideas for business development.


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